Love not meant to last.

Posted: February 26, 2012 in pOSts

The problem is biological. Men and women are attracted to each other, but that attraction cannot remain the same forever. When lovers say to each other, “I cannot live without you,” they don’t know the nature of life. Tomorrow this same woman will not look so beautiful. As days pass, the man and the woman both will feel that they are imprisoned.

They have known each other’s geography completely. First it was an unknown territory, now there is nothing left to be discovered. To go on repeating the same words and acts looks mechanical, ugly. That’s why passion turns into hate. The woman hates you because you are going to do the same thing again. And the man is flirting with his secretary in the office; now this one is an unknown territory.

Binding people for their whole life in the name of religion is unnatural. In a more intelligent world, people will love but will not make any contracts. They will understand the flux of life. The moment the man feels that now his beloved holds no joy for him, he will say that the time has come to part. There is no need for marriage, nor for divorce. Friendship is possible only between equal human beings, free from the bondages of society, culture, civilisation. It is ugly that the law and the state interfere in your private life—you have to ask their permission.

There should be only friends—no husbands, no wives. If there is only friendship, passion will never turn into hate. The moment you feel passion disappearing, you will say good-bye, and it will be understood. Even if it hurts, nothing can be done about it—it is the way of life. Life should be a joy, a rejoicing. Then only can there be friendship between men and women; otherwise they are going to remain intimate enemies.

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